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The Lake Haven team have worked hard on producing a curriculum which will encourage learners to aspire, dare to take risks in their learning and discover our world with awe and wonder where we teach empathy, moral ethics, positive behaviours and how to develop as British citizens ready to take on life as an independent individual.

Alongside our educational setting, we have the opportunity to work on the allotment providing produce for us to use in cooking or for our animals to eat, farming husbandry, cooking, first aid, forest skills, and keeping ourselves fit and healthy.

Our curriculum also allows us to open up into the wider community with links to the local Army Regiment, the fishery bailiffs, lake and land management, serving and working within the local cafeteria, preparing animal feed for selling to the local holiday lodges over the weekend thus offering plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Starting from September 2023, we will also include swimming lessons and equine therapy.

We believe that each of our learners will arrive at Lake Haven at various starting points, some of whom may have missed quite a time in any educational setting. We will therefore endeavour to find out that starting point within the first two weeks of arrival and build and work from there. We have ensured that we have enough space to allow our pupils the time within our curriculum to really embrace their learning at a pace and approach that suits.

All of our curriculum work will also support the individual child’s EHCP and necessary requirements of Section F. We have excellent staff that will accommodate many of the requirements from Section F, or we can accommodate external agencies should they be required.

There are many opportunities available at Lake Haven which include peripatetic music lessons, School Council and various community days. All of these opportunities will grow as Lake Haven grows and develops.